Taryn Fiol Williford


Hi! I’m Taryn Fiol Williford, a lifestyle blogger and creative director living in Atlanta. Restaurants are my happy place. I prefer drinks with bubbles. I appreciate the labor of finding a perfect reaction gif. I believe a season finale is a perfectly good reason to take off work and throw a party.

I spend my days working as a creative professional crafting together identity, visuals, voice and strategy to tell a brand’s story. On the side, I write for publications like Apartment Therapy about home and life. And when the mood strikes, I’m here updating this site with recipes to impress your friends, my favorite finds from style and pop culture and personal stories about developing a career that feels like an extension of who you are.

I want to inspire inventive entertaining, thoughtful gifting, mindful work and insatiable curiosity. My mission is to share stories and ideas that help creative people make their mark. Grab a beer and lets get to know each other.

Hi! I’m Taryn Fiol Williford: A writer and creative designer on a mission to help creative people make their mark. By day, I’m a creative in Atlanta, crafting together branding, visuals, voice and strategy for brands with big personality. On the side, I write for Apartment Therapy about home and life. Basically, I tell stories for a living. And when the mood strikes, I’m here updating this site.

Areas of expertise:

Blogging, branding, content strategy, design, marketing and throwing parties.


Graphic minimalist, plentifully bestrewn with neutrals.



Black jeans.

Personal Values:

Identity, creativity, ambition, innovation, independence and fun.

Go-to drink:

A local beer. From the tap if the place looks clean, in a bottle at sticky dive bars.

What places have you called home?

Miami, Atlanta, and Gainesville, Florida.

So you’re a Gator, then?

Yup. A proud alumna of both UF’s journalism school and its football tailgates.

What’s always in your bag?

My iPhone, Ray Ban aviators and a handful of koozies.

What’s your best advice for bloggers just starting out?

First, be authentic with your voice. Second, learn to code!

Favorite thing in your apartment:

My husband and our dog, Bacon.

Favorite thing to do in Atlanta:

Eat. Atlanta has the best food. Favorite bites are the BBQ risotto balls from Bone Lick and the Triple B (bison, bleu cheese + bacon jam) at YEAH! Burger.

Secret talent:

Bar trivia.


Biggest guilty pleasure:

Boy bands.

I’ll never say no to…


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Photos: Paige Jones