Amaysim Optus Agreement

Amaysim Australia, the ASX-listed telecommunications operator, has updated its wholesale network services agreement with Optus, which was launched by the company in 2010. This acquisition would give Optus immediate access to a credible growth plan and a company that knows it well. Amaysim is offering customers affordable internet and voice calls via Optus` 4G Plus network across Australia, as part of an agreement due to expire in June 2022. Virtual operators such as Amaysim sell mobile phone and data services through Telstra, Optus and TPG Telecom networks. Amaysim has a long-standing network contract with Optus, which was due to expire in June 2022. It goes without saying that SingTel Optus, which owns Australia`s second largest telecommunications service provider, Optus, made a cash offer for the purchase of Amaysim and finalized due diligence and transaction documents to pave the way for a binding agreement. Amaysim is testing the market for its next network services agreement, with the current wholesale agreement with Optus expiring in mid-2022. In late August, the company entered into a $115 million contract to sell its energy distributor Click Energy Group Holdings to AGL Energy and completed the transaction a month later. “OVO Mobile subscribers were acquired in June 2020 and did not have a significant impact on ARPU in the GJ20, but they also have a lower ARPU than our average periodic subscription.” The total number of mobile subscribers was 1.18 million euros at the end of June; The company has about 7,000 subscribers per month and another 115,000 through the acquisitions of Jeenee Mobile and OVO Mobile. “The sale eliminates the risks associated with persistent engagement in a challenging and changing regulatory environment and an imminent increase in the rotten debt due to COVID-19,” the operator said. A new Gomo app has been launched to allow customers to log in and manage their accounts.

Matt Williams, Marketing and Sales Manager of Optus, said Singtel had already succeeded with the Gomo app in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. “Gomo has come out of a thorough study of what consumers want — and what they don`t want — and has put everything in the context of an economically difficult time,” Optus said. Amaysim had 830,000 recurring mobile subscribers per year until June 30, after a recent presentation to shareholders, and still 350,000 pay as customers will take its total to 1.18 million. Recurring monthly mobile revenue was $205 million at June 30. “This is a strategic (move) for us, Amaysim is the largest (virtual telecoms) on the market… It`s a big brand that comes in very strongly on the market. “The acquisition of Jeenee has also had a negative impact on ARPU, as its subscribers have a lower ARPU compared to the existing recurring mobile operator ARPU,” says MVNO. “Given that the board of directors is a logical turning point for the company and that, given the interest received, it has considered its strategic options for the mobile business, including a possible sale of mobile phones,” he said. Membership is free and your security and privacy remain protected. Check out our privacy policy before you sign up.