Collective Agreement Charlottetown Police

In his decision, Kydd said the union had interpreted the collective agreement correctly, which said, “No employee can take a course until all employees have had the opportunity to participate.” The police service sought Davies to fill the spot (he previously had identification training working with the RCMP). He was only doing daily tasks of the job, not technical identification work. But when the place was awarded to an officer who had already taken the course — and failed — Fields and Davies both cried. The collective agreement dictated that no public servant should repeat a course if it meant that he would deprive other employees of that opportunity. According to police, Currie was not a so-called repeat offender. Karen Jackson, President of UPSE, met with the Chief Stewards today for a meeting in Charlottetown. UPSE stewards play an important role in helping members deal with difficult situations at work. They ensure that members are protected by their collective agreements and form a bridge between management and staff. Once again, I would like to thank our members for providing the valuable services that Islanders need and for the safety of Islanders in this ever-changing world we are currently experiencing. Every day brings new challenges that we have never had to face.

UPSE is a diverse union representing 5,000 members from 15 different collective agreements, and our employees have been working tirelessly on our members` issues since the beginning of this pandemic. I would like to thank and thank our collaborators who continue to serve our members. I can`t thank our Labour Relations Officers (LROs) enough for the work they do on your behalf. They are creative and strive daily to find solutions to emerging problems with employers. UPSE and Tremploy have ratified a new three-year collective agreement with 100% member support. Other issues we`ve addressed since my last post are housing our members who may be immunosuppressed or who have a family member at home who is more at risk if exposed to COVID-19. We deal with them on a case-by-case basis. We have developed guidelines for the use of human resources in the health sector and we are developing guidelines for the public service. We work with the employer to house important members who can work from home. We have developed an agreement on changes to the time limits for shiftwork premiums for our shiftworkers to ensure that our members who have been reduced receive their benefits in their collective agreement.

I have worked with the employer to ensure that safety protocols have been put in place for our CLC members to ensure their safety when they return to work. Last weekend, I had discussions with the employer about returning to work for our 750 season recall members. These are just some of the issues we have addressed. Two Prince Edward Island police officers vying for a spot at one of the best police academys in the country say they didn`t get the fair consideration they were owed — and an arbitrator agreed. Then he turned to price. The police chief estimated tuition fees for the training course at $US 8,000. But since each of the Greeks had a chance of getting the one-third position, Kydd divided the prize into three parts and added four percent interest. The collective agreement between UPSE and Health PEI expired on March 31, 2020. The UPSE negotiating team met in February to review members` proposal forms to develop a comprehensive set of negotiations. . .