Diners Club Merchant Agreement

Diners Club International owns Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), a leading credit card provider and electronic payment service provider. Established in 1950, Diners Club International has become the world`s first multi-purpose loading card and has launched a financial revolution in the way consumers and businesses pay for products and services. Today, Diners Club is a globally recognized brand that meets the payment needs of selected and affluent consumers and offers businesses and small entrepreneurs a full range of cost management solutions. With acceptance in more than 185 countries and territories, millions of merchant sites and access to more than 675,000 casinos and ATMs, Diners Club is only qualified to serve its card members worldwide. For more information, see www.dinersclub.com. “Elavon provides excellent service to our dealers and we look forward to the opportunity to enhance our product line,” said Stuart C. Harvey, Elavon`s Managing Director. “The ability to offer card processing to Diners Club maximizes the reseller experience by eliminating the complexity of managing multiple vendors.” “Our organization`s ability to provide a simple, integrated solution to distributors, particularly in our key markets in Europe and Asia, will enable Diners Club and Discover to achieve their goal of international acceptance,” said Paul R. Garcia, President and CEO of Global Payments. “It is important that merchants have a leaner process in terms of acceptance. With this agreement, merchants benefit from an increase in the volume of transactions and a one-stop shop for all their processing requirements.┬áC.

No litigation or layoffs. There is no lawsuit, or pending or threatened proceedings to your knowledge, which, if decided, would affect your ability to manage your business essentially as now or that would affect their financial situation or operations. You have never reached an agreement with a third party to perform the credit or debit card processing completed by that third party.