Independent Sales Rep Agreements

A sales agent usually checks a trade agreement twice – at the beginning of his relationship with a new client, and then at the end. A sales agent is considered the face of the company. The quality of the product sold affects the reputation of the representative. Both parties should think carefully about responsibilities and roles before signing the document. Each party can and must spend time going through the agreement. This reduces the likelihood of a claim in which one of the parties did not understand what the terms were. 5. The duration of the contract should reflect the sales cycle of the territory and/or products- In some cases, your efforts cannot lead to orders for months or even years, such as.B. The sale of products related to a construction project, the sale of design-in products to OEMs or the sale of capital goods. In such cases, make sure that the duration of the contract gives you enough time to develop sales and collect commissions. Make sure rep`s agreement provides for the payment of commissions after termination, which also reflect the sales cycle. The longer it takes for an order to be processed and shipped, the longer the extra time.

A contract that provides only shipments up to the termination date unfairly deprives you of commissions on sales already in the pipeline. You should at least insist on commissions for all orders received up to the termination date, regardless of the date of shipment or payment. Government laws on independent contractors should also be reviewed. It is important to consider the laws of the state when it comes to independent contractors. In many countries, it has been more difficult for people to qualify as one, as there are certain requirements of supplier freedom that must exist. Certain provisions of the agreement may need to be adapted or strengthened to comply with state rules. On average, I check, check and negotiate three or four rep agreements a week. Some are righteous, others horrible.

Based on this experience, I offer you 10 tips to consider if a new possible principle is committed and check a proposed rep agreement: 3. Make sure the contract correctly identifies what you are and what you are going to do — you are an independent sales agent, not an agent, not an agent, not a distributor. Most independent salespeople do not sell products. They ask for and encourage the sale of products sold by their sponsors. The contract should not require you to sell or increase products in an area. Sometimes, despite all the effort, you can`t. Such a provision may provide an excuse to a client for termination of the contract “for the time being impractical” and may provide the client with an apology for not only terminating, but also for withholding commissions or commissions at the end of the contract. The first point that needs to be clarified in a distributor representative contract, even if it has already been discussed, is whether the representative is an independent contractor or a staff member. To establish a full distribution agreement, you must include the following seven provisions. 9.

Always comply with a compensation provision – A client should compensate, defend and denigrate his sales agent for all claims arising from the client`s products, including claims related to product liability, mental injury, warranty issues and violations of the laws regarding the client`s products (including California`s “Proposition 65”).