Salesforce Software As A Service Agreement

“Documentation,” trust and compliance documentation for the platform and its usage guides, which are updated from time to time and are accessible via or sign up for the corresponding addendum service. (b) If your subscription for the use of the platform contains Salesforce Mobile, you should understand that before you buy Salesforce Mobile in the “Mobile Devices” list, you should find information about mobile devices supported by the SFDC before you buy. You agree that SFDC will not provide refunds, credits or other compensation or corrective action related to your purchase of Salesforce Mobile for mobile devices not supported by SFDC. Providers of third-party mobile devices, operating systems and network connectivity may at any time stop, interrupt, uninstall and/or prevent salesforce Mobile customers from being distributed on supported mobile devices, without entitling you to refunds, credits or other compensation or corrective actions. This is hardly comforting to the countless Salesforce users who were affected by the near-apocalyptic shutdown of the platform in May 2019, when Salesforce accidentally gave the administrator access to all users and had to disconnect their service while cancelling the changes. If your company relied on Salesforce, nothing was done that day, except of course, some good Twitter memes. Please note that we offer many services. Their use of Salesforce products or services is carried out by Salesforce in accordance with a separate agreement executed manually or digitally. These additional conditions will be part of your agreement with us if you use the services or log on to websites. These conditions govern your use of websites that refer to these conditions.

Under these conditions, the word “sites” refers to each of these sites and to the services offered on these sites. You automatically agree to these terms and our privacy policy by simply using websites or by logging in. For reasons of clarity, the following treatment is considered to be an instruction of the dealer and/or you: a) the treatment necessary to carry out the obligations of SFDC arising from its agreement with the reseller with regard to the supply of the platform in connection with the reseller application; and (b) processing initiated by your users when using the reseller app.