Jack Skellington Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Yet another tutorial from The Nightmare Before Christmas Dessert Bar coming your way!

This time, we’re making cupcakes to honor the unofficial mascot of Halloween-at-Christmas celebrations, Jack Skellington.

He’s the wiley, undead skelleton at the heart of the movie. And he has a big, round head that’s perfect for us to re-create in fondant medallion cupcake toppers.

What do you need? Some white fondant (you could make it, or just buy it like I did), a circle cookie cutter (about the size of a cupcake) and a black edible ink pen.

First, roll out the fondant. Just until it’s about ¼-inch thick. Then, use your circle cutter to cut out a bunch of fondant circles. You’ll need one for every cupcake (plus you could stand to have a few extras incase you mess up drawing).

Lay them aside on a cookie sheet (or three) and leave them out. For 20 minutes, for three days, whatever. You actually want the fondant to stiffen up a bit so they sit on top of the cupcake icing.

When you’re ready, get started drawing Jack’s face onto the circles.

And to everyone out there thinking “What? I can’t draw!,” just do it. Put the pen to the paper fondant and start drawing. First two filled-in ovals for eyes, then two tiny nose notches, then a long smile with several little criss-crossy stitches. See? Easy!

And if you want something to go by, just pull up a picture of Jack on your phone, like I did.

(And a little practice on your fondant scraps never hurt anybody.)

That’s it! They’re done! Now, just pipe a swirl onto your cupcake (My trusty Wilton 1M makes an appearance here. It’s seriously the best cupcake swirl tip ever) and then pop one fondant medallion on top of each swirl.


You could totally copy this technique for any round-ish cartoon face that you think you could sketch out.

It’s really fun, but still a very elegant cupcake look.

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  • emma

    August 13, 2020 2:07 pm

    it is good but its quite flat if I was making it I would make It more 3d, but for beginners is good as how simple it is

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