Oracle Partnernetwork Worldwide Agreement

As Oracle`s leading Global Cloud Elite partner, Deloitte and its member companies have access to professionals with in-depth knowledge of Oracle Cloud`s applications and technologies. The Oracle PartnerNetwork program provides members with access to a number of benefits, certifications, financial incentives and discounts. Oracle PartnerNetwork has a five-program structure: Remarketer, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each of these stages of the program has its own needs, benefits and rewards. Each level offers benefits that build on the benefits of the previous level. Partners can advance membership levels by acquiring specializations and meeting the requirements of the next step. Global Cloud Elite status is an important factor in the development of our Oracle practice, as it gives us better access to environments for training and implementation of solutions. Based on this access and our extensive customer experience, we are experienced in implementing the Oracle Cloud product package, including: On Oracle`s letter that ejected us from the OPN… It`s hanging from my desk in a frame. It is an honorary distinction for all our customers. I appreciate this letter and appreciate the independence we can bring to our customers.

Turns out it was the best thing that could happen to Palisade and our customers! I no longer had to worry about how Oracle would react to our news. We never cared about Oracle`s reaction to representing our customers. But now we were really free. Not only me, but the entire Palisade compliance team accepted this independence with a fervor that I could not have foreseen. Our customers and all Oracle customers have benefited because we are completely free of oracle tangles. I don`t know if I would have publicly disclosed Oracle`s audit strategy or if I would have been made public, as we defended Mars in its Oracle audit, or even if I would have weighed in on Oracle to force cloud sales through audits, as they did with City of Denver if we were still members of the OPN. Oracle also offers the Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) program, which recognizes partners who have cloud implementation practices. The CIS program currently focuses on Oracle`s software and service offerings and provides partners with access to certification vouchers, promotions in Oracle`s catalog and marketplace, as well as product training. The CIS program is limited to qualified partners with higher or higher OPN status. When you read my blog, you know I`m constantly talking about the importance of being independent of Oracle.

Well, when I started the palisade in 2011, I didn`t have the same understanding of the need for independence as I do now. I`ve always understood the importance of not being an Oracle dealer.