'The Best List' Shopping Guides

One of the big reasons people love Apartment Therapy is because we help our readers find products they’ll love for the homes. Curating product roundups is a huge part of what I do as Lifestyle Editor, but here’s a small selection of shopping guides that I wrote, assigned, researched or tested for the affiliate-driven franchise, The Best List.

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The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Your decision should come down mostly to comfort, style, and the all-important (if subjective) “do these sound good to me?” test. Even to an untrained ear, sound definitely gets better and more rich when you’re willing to spend a little more. But each of the headphones here wins our seal of approval.


The Best Mattress Toppers to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

A wisely chosen topper can make a bad mattress good, or a good mattress even better. The benefits are many: Mattress toppers can make a bed more comfortable and supportive, help regulate your body temperature throughout the seasons, and extend the useful life of your (likely more expensive) mattress.


The Best Light Therapy Lamps for Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

There are several ways you can manage SAD, but one popular method is light therapy — and the good news is, if you want to see if light therapy is the right option for you, there are plenty of high quality and affordable options out there.


The Best Board Games

We rounded up our very favorites, from the seriously strategic to the more passive and casual, so you can have another excuse to skip the bars and stay indoors this winter.


The Best Air Mattresses for an Instant Guest Bed

A relatively new invention that has profoundly improved the ability to host guests around the world, the humble air mattress has been nearly perfected and prices have certainly come way down.