Apartment Therapy's September Sweep

Fall always feels like a fresh start to me. Being at home more means wanting to love your home more. And after spending some cozy nights inside, maybe you’re a little more apt to notice that, yeah, the cluttered TV console really does kill your vibe on Netflix night. All of these are reasons why I think September is the perfect time of year to get a handle on decluttering your space.

In 2017, I came up with the idea to create a guided decluttering program as a tentpole for Apartment Therapy’s fall programming. For several years running, we’ve had readers eager to sign up with their emails for this special (free!) newsletter. Each day of the program, I pop into their inboxes with a new small assignment designed to get their homes in better shape, little by little. 

Some days we’ll be doing fast-paced, low-touch, 20-minute sweeps to get rid of everyday clutter. Other days will be more ambitious, inspiring you to finally dive in and sort through some blind spots where you, readers, have told us you struggle with figuring out what to let go of—and of course we’ll share Apartment Therapy’s best tips and advice along the way. And then there’s this part that I like to call “slaying the monster,” which will happen a little at a time, all month long. It’s just one way that we can help you really make an impact on your space.

The whole challenge is about progress, not perfection. We just want to leave your home feeling lighter and less cluttered than before.

Illustration: Kath Nash

Photography: Joe Lingeman