Pre Authorized Debit Agreement Scotiabank

Pre-authorized debits (APPs) are a convenient way to pay bills and make other payments automatically. Instead of sending a payment, a company withdraws money from your bank account. It`s a great way to pay bills like your mortgage, services, donations and insurance premiums. . B ADPs are also used to transfer money from a bank account to a registered age savings plan (RRSP). But giving someone permission to withdraw money from your bank account is a serious matter, and you need to understand your rights and duties. Payments Canada and its participating financial institutions have established conditions to ensure that PADs are properly approved and to protect against inappropriate withdrawals. To begin with, you reach an agreement with the organization you want to pay. Agreements can be made on paper or electronically (for example. B online or by phone). Organizations must also have an agreement, a payer`s PAD agreement, with their customers. The agreement can be concluded on paper or electronically (for example.

B online or by phone). In order to offer its customers pre-authorized debits, an organization must enter into a contract (generally referred to as an H1 payment letter in good standing) with your financial institution. In this agreement, your financial institution agrees to be able to issue PADs on behalf of the accountant and you agree to abide by the rules applicable to ADP. There are imperative elements that must be included in this letter of commitment. Detailed information can be found in Rule H1. You have 90 days from the date of payment to report a false or unauthorized pre-authorized charge to your financial institution. Don`t forget to check your bank account regularly to make sure the withdrawals match what you approved in the agreement. 3 scotia LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY are also entitled to charge on that account all service charges that you collect from time to time for the provision of the services mentioned above and to change the amount of these service charges according to the scale of royalties or guidelines in force by the bank, which apply from time to time. , that there are not enough resources available at the time of payment order or electronic use of a magnetic or computer-generated instruction for payment. the account account that you have expressly authorized and ordered by this to return this electronic, magnetic or computer-generated statement, which is not returned for that purpose to the specified party, regardless of the instruction produced by computer, that the party designated for that purpose is disgraced, notwithstanding the fact that there are not enough resources available at that time.

, corresponding to the credit of another account or the accounts of the undersigned. , or any of them, if more than one, with your bank or a branch delivering this AUTHORIZATION to you will be delivery by the undersigned.