Stamped Ice Cream Spoons

I know, I know… Who can think of Ice Cream at a time like this? It’s practically freezing outside! But let me tell you a little something about myself: I’m a Florida girl who tends to exaggerate when it comes to cold weather, and I love ice cream. If you love ice cream too, you might love this simple DIY project I pulled together.

To fancy up an ice cream bar or just a cozy night in, dress up your ice cream with rubber-stamped spoons. It’s an easy way to tie a store-bought dessert into your party theme, and guests will appreciate the little personal touch.

Start with a set of small alphabet stamps and pack of wooden spoons; I used these craft spoons, but this wooden cutlery would work for a more refined bash. Assemble your phrase with the stamps and tape them together in place, then ink them up and stamp them down.

“Yum!” is a great phrase for anything you’re serving up. You could also use this project to label individual servings by flavor, or stamp spoons with names to make sure everybody gets their share.

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