In case you've been living under a rock, let me give you a little recap. The Hunger Games is a super popular book trilogy that was recently (as all successful book releases eventually are) adapted into a movie trilogy. The first film, The Hunger Games, came out in March and killed the box office.

If you're like me, you might have read the books each about 3 times and seen the movie twice in theaters. And you've probably been counting down the days until The Hunger Games is released on DVD (Hint: it's this Saturday, August 18).

But whether you're a huge Hunger Games fan, or watching the movie for the first time, you should definitely make this film the center of your next movie night. Invite a few friends over, pop some popcorn and settle in on the sofa. To help you out, here's some super cute free printables for your party!

I love decorating with vintage glass, don't you? Just the other day, I was browsing the aisles of my favorite home store, eyeing some gorgeously girly apothecary bottles. I loved the idea of gifting them to my favorite girlfriends as a little treat on Valentine's Day, but I did not love their price tag. Yikes! Thankfully, my shopping trip that day also took me through the aisles of a home and hardware store, where I spotted some sparkly glass drawer pulls. They were identical to the adornment on the bottle stoppers of those apothecary bottles. I knew I could pull off apothecary bottles as a DIY project.


  • One Decorative Bottle (with a Cork!)
  • One Decorative Drawer Pull Knob with a Screw
  • Glue or Decoupage Solution
  • One Sheet of Printable Acetate


  • Screwdriver
  • Paint Brushes
  • Printer
Ready to get started?

Does everyone feel that chill in the air? Yes, that means Fall is here! Fall is my favorite season. I'd like to say it's because of hot apple cider and finally getting to brush the dust off my boots—but really, it's just about football. I love getting together with friends every Saturday to watch the games, noshing on a spread of tailgate staples like wings and nachos. If your friends and family have a similar fall tradition, I have a feeling you could use a little something like these. They're food spread signs that let you lay claim to your team's tailgate grub. We can't have any visiting fans reaching for our chicken wings, now can we? Let them know who's cooking by framing up one of these 4" by 6" signs on your spread. I've prepared a bunch for my favorite teams (Go Gators!) and a few teams that readers have sent in on Facebook and Twitter (if you're not "liking" and "following," what are you waiting for?). If your favorite team isn't here, don't worry; I'm working on Part 2.

>> "Bama Buffet" Tailgate Printable