The Columbia Icefield Subject Verb Agreement

These two correction reading exercises give you the exercise in applying the rules of the subject-verb agreement. Once the exercises are complete, compare your answers. The following paragraph contains five errors in the subject-verb concordance. Identify and correct faulty verbs. University of the Philippines Diliman • ENG Deutsch 1 Anomie Plaza, like all shopping malls, was designed for automobiles rather than people. All natural life has been wiped out; Even the weeds along the sidewalk look artificial. But somehow, in the middle of all the plastic, steel and concrete, a lonely shrub can survive. The shrub, not in strong bloom, but certainly alive, is a few meters from the entrance of the Huxley department store. It just pushes through the concrete upwards. From time to time, a shopper stops to study this strange form of life that is not on sale in any of the 67 stores.

From time to time, someone looks in secret, then breaks a branch, puts it in a shopping bag and rushes to the parking lot. I don`t understand why people do that. Do these people have the spirit to preserve or destroy lives? Anyway, the shrub managed to survive all the attacks. INTI International College Subang • STUDENT econ111. . . . . The rule of sheep`s liver is a parasitic flatworm whose life cycle is very complex. The leeucker begins its life by slipping into a snail. The bloodsuckers are then ejected from the snail into a mucous ball. These mucus balls are eaten by ants.

The leee is hollowed through the body of the Amete until it reaches the brain of the Amete. There, the leeches take control of the pack ice by manipulating their nerves, thus transforming the Amete into his personal robot. Under the command of the wild boar, the Amete climbs to the top of a blade of grass. If the leean is lucky, the Amete will be eaten by a passing sheep. From the stomach of the sheep, the bloodsuckers go home – into the liver. Management and Science University, Malaysia • CFS FLW0034 Course Hero is not sponsored or supported by any university or university. . Dreams- My Father 【 我-父亲-的梦想】.pdf University of Maryland, University • College BIO 103. . . .