University Of Regina Apt Collective Agreement

“Unless the university is suspended, all research funds from universities, federal, provincial and other external licensing bodies remain available to researchers and may be used for pre-approved research, travel and other research expenditures.” “I`m so disgusted with my university. After years of efforts to rebuild the relationship between the administrator and the faculty, they are ready to throw everything away. “We believe in the collective bargaining process and have worked hard to secure the best possible collective agreement for students, university staff and the wider campus community. “I respectfully recommend that the administration recognize the validity of the URFA strike notice and return to negotiations. All students and staff in higher education, as well as the public, are counting on us for the 25th and 26th. A fair agreement was reached on 1 March. The university has collective agreements on the working and employment conditions of four workers` bargaining units. URFA President Sylvain Rheault said in an interview that the offer arrived by email without being solicited and spoke about the terms of the agreement. Chase wrote that the trading site is part of those efforts. For almost two years, since June 2017, the Faculty of the University of Regina has carried out its duties without a contract. And for almost a year, since April of last year — they have been trying to remedy this situation by negotiating between the Regina Faculty Association (URFA) and the university itself.

“It is time to keep the promises made this week by working in good faith for an agreement that is not only in the interest of the parties to the dispute, but above all in the best interests of the students.” If you need to check a specific collective agreement, please read the following: The University of Regina Faculty Association (URFA) sent the University of Regina, on March 22, an official strike notice containing the document from March 28 at 10.m. If no agreement is reached during the March 25 and 26 hearing days, strike action could begin after the release of the 48 hours prescribed by the Saskatchewan Labour Act for a cooling-off period. With the hardening of the rhetoric around possible acts of work, the Carillon confirmed, as Mr. First stated. Alec Couros after a domain search on a university site that the University of Regina commissioned a large public relations firm, NATIONAL Public Relations, to process messages sent during the strike, including the website above. “You will see picket lines at the main entrances of the university. These pickets will not prevent access to the university grounds. Feel free to stop and chat with teachers and librarians at the picket line.

If you wish, you can even participate! We are delighted with your support. Rheault called the deal “pretty good” because he made the union flexible by returning it week after week, given the possible length of work. On Friday, March 15, despite the support of a mediator, it was announced that the two sides had not reached an agreement, leaving open the possibility of a work action at a time when students are going to the most stressful part of their academic semester. This article is a fusion of the newspaper`s Free Week Carillon cover. The full articles are available on our website at At 18:15 has been announced. M that a provisional agreement has been reached with URFA to recommend that members vote in favour of the agreement. . . .