What Is Email Service Level Agreement

Before subscribing to an IT service, the SLA must be carefully evaluated and designed to achieve maximum service value from the perspective of end users and the business. Service providers need to pay attention to the differences between internal outputs and client-centric outcomes, as these can help set service expectations. The service level can also be specified as “Objective” and “Minimum”. This informs customers of what they can expect (the minimum), while providing a measurable (average) target value that indicates the company`s level of performance. Up to 99.5% mail server availability. Mail server availability is defined as the ability to retrieve SMTP and POP headers from the mail server, which are billed monthly. Accelera Solutions does not monitor the availability of email accounts or individual mailboxes, but only the availability of the server as a whole Denial of service attacks, mail bombing, and other flooding techniques directed at mail servers that cause or contribute to downtime are not included in email server availability calculations. There are several ways to write an SLA. Here`s a simulated table of contents that you can use as a starting template to write your own service level agreements. CCWIS provides the customer with live technical support for ten (10) hours per day, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

All customer technical support requests must be submitted by the customer either in writing by email to support@ccwis.com or by phone. CCWIS will respond to all telephone inquiries within 1 business hour and all email requests within 10 business hours. Access to the operations centre and systems is limited to authorized personnel. Accelera Solutions ensures that its employees and contractors know and understand its policies. Accelera Solutions takes all possible security measures to protect the security of your data. Accelera Solutions will do its best to protect the security of its systems and services and the data they contain. The customer is solely responsible for reporting any problems he has with our services. Customer service is available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at the following number: (608) 524-2610. If you have an outage outside of normal business hours, please email support@ccwis.com.

If we find that the problem is not on our side, we will issue you an emergency support bill of $250/hour with a minimum of 1 hour. CCWIS monitors its servers and hosting services as a whole, but does not monitor the availability of individual mailboxes, mobile devices, web space, VPS, or virtual machines. To verify the availability of hosted email services, CCWIS uses a combination of methods, including but not limited to POP3, IMAP4, inbound and outbound SMTP, http access availability, and internal mail flow monitoring between anti-spam and antivirus and mail servers. For other services, including web hosting and VPS hosting, CCWIS verifies service availability using a combination of methods, including host-level HTTP. These checks are performed at predetermined intervals with specific error thresholds related to the service being deployed. If two or more consecutive tests fail, the lack of service availability is noted as the number of minutes between the first and last failed test. .