“We Lost Everything”: How to Stay Resilient in the Face of Hardship

Lovestar is just the kind of small, family-owned decor company I love to profile, but I hated the circumstances of this one. After their warehouse burnt to the ground, I spoke with artist and owner Helen Bayley to learn more about how Lovestar was rebuilding, and share her advice for readers facing their own setbacks in their personal or professional lives.

She explained to me that the Lucite they cut to make the vases is covered in paper to keep it protected from scratches, and when you’re cutting the Lucite on the laser machine, sometimes the paper catches aflame. It’s easy to put out quickly when someone’s watching it, which is almost always. But on one afternoon in February, Chris walked away for just a moment. The rest is now part of Lovestar’s history.

Images courtesy Helen Bayley and Lovestar Australia