Sweet & Simple Ways to Feel At-Home Anywhere

In order to reach young readers who are living away from their childhood home for the first time, I crafted the concepts and copy for this series of videos designed to teach the basics of smart and happy living.

created for Apartment Therapy, in partnership with Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

9 Habits for a Happier Home

From starting your day off on the right foot, to carving out “me time,” to taking care of chores in the moment—it’s the little things in life that go a long way.

9 Ways to Stay in Touch With Long-Distance Friends

if you find yourself trying to communicate from a few states (or countries) away, these fun tips will help you become closer than ever. 


9 Ways to Make Any Room a Home

When your entire life happens in the bedroom of a shared apartment—or the basement of somebody’s house, or maybe just half a dorm room—it’s hard to recreate all the comforts of an entire home inside four walls.


Video Production: Rebecca Blumhagen