An Engagement Gift Basket

March 21, 2012

A great friend of mine got engaged recently, and I of course did what every good girlfriend does when they hear news of an upcoming wedding: Go shopping.

…for wedding magazines, books and DVDs. Obviously.

In addition to the obligatory Facebook wall congratulations, I thought it would be nice to send my newly fianceed friend a fun gift basket of wedding related goodies via snail mail. I included a few of my favorite wedding inspiration magazines (like Southern Weddings), the highly recommended Bridal Bargains book, a copy of Bride Wars on DVD and a few cute sticky pads for note-taking.

My favorite part, though, is what I put it all in. I found a soft-sided polka-dot storage box on sale at The Container Store, then fitted it with a satin ribbon. Then, I added a “Wedding Stuff” label to the ribbon with rub-on transfer labels.

You can do this project easily, too. For a gift basket or anything else. The rub-on transfer letters you can find at most craft stores will stick well to satin ribbon. Just make sure you pick dark-colored letters and light-colored ribbon.

Once you’ve cut out all the letters you need for your ribbon label, use a ruler to line up the letters and start rubbing them down with a bone folder.


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  1. Abby

    Where did you get this type of basket/bag? I love the rope/ribbon look and cannot find it! Thanks!!

    1. Taryn

      I got this basket from a clearance sale at The Container Store. I don’t remember the brand or manufacturer or anything, sorry!

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