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Taryn Fiol Williford
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Hi! I’m Taryn Fiol Williford, a lifestyle writer and creative director living in Atlanta. Restaurants are my happy place. I prefer drinks with bubbles. I appreciate the labor of finding a perfect reaction gif. I believe a season finale is a perfectly good reason to take off work and throw a party.

I spend my days working as a Senior Writer for Apartment Therapy, where I help people make the most of their homes and their lives. On the side, I work as a creative designer crafting together identity, visuals, voice and strategy to tell a brand’s story. And when the mood strikes, I’m here updating this site with recipes to impress your friends, my favorite finds from style and pop culture and personal stories about developing a career that feels like an extension of who you are.

I want to inspire inventive entertaining, thoughtful gifting, mindful work and insatiable curiosity. My mission is to share stories and ideas that help creative people make their mark. Grab a beer and lets get to know each other.

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Hi! I’m Taryn Fiol Williford: A writer and creative designer on a mission to help creative people make their mark. By day, I’m a creative in Atlanta, crafting together branding, visuals, voice and strategy for brands with big personality. On the side, I write for Apartment Therapy about home and life. Basically, I tell stories for a living. And when the mood strikes, I’m here updating this site.


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Areas of expertise:

Blogging, branding, content strategy, design, marketing and throwing parties.


Graphic minimalist, plentifully bestrewn with neutrals.



Black jeans.

Personal Values:

Identity, creativity, ambition, innovation, independence and fun.

Go-to drink:

A local beer. From the tap if the place looks clean, in a bottle at sticky dive bars.

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What places have you called home?

Miami, Atlanta, and Gainesville, Florida.

So you’re a Gator, then?

Yup. A proud alumna of both UF’s journalism school and its football tailgates.

What’s always in your bag?

My iPhone, Ray Ban aviators and a handful of koozies.

What’s your best advice for bloggers just starting out?

First, be authentic with your voice. Second, learn to code!

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Favorite thing in your apartment:

My husband and our dog, Bacon.

Favorite thing to do in Atlanta:

Eat. Atlanta has the best food. Favorite bites are the BBQ risotto balls from Bone Lick and the Triple B (bison, bleu cheese + bacon jam) at YEAH! Burger.

Secret talent:

Bar trivia.


Biggest guilty pleasure:

Boy bands.

I’ll never say no to…



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Photos: Paige Jones

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