Hello and welcome to tarynwilliford.com! My mission is to share stories and ideas that help creative people make their mark.

The thing about us creative types is that we’re always looking to leave a strong impression—with friends, colleagues and even strangers. You want to be the one with the beautiful home and great style. Who’s always on top of their game at work, then can come home to host a killer happy hour. That impression is your personal brand; it’s everything you do, say and wear. And I hope this blog is a source of inspiration as you work to leave your mark on the world.

This is a personal lifestyle blog, but it can also be a resource for you. Look around and you’ll find creative gift ideas, people-pleasing recipes, beautiful finds in home and fashion, and lots of miscellany on finding yourself and building a unified life around your home and work (and all those side projects you haven’t started yet).

I named this page, Front Matter, after the first section of a book or magazine. I wanted an opportunity to give you a heads up about what you’ll find here and how to explore this blog. There’s a lot of content here, and you certainly don’t have to read it all at once. Start below and find topics that add the most value to your life. I’m so glad you’re here!


I value identity, creativity, ambition, independence, innovation and fun. If you do, too, we’ll be fast friends. Here are a few ways to keep up with the latest from me and this site.

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This blog is an extension of my life. The pages, categories and tags below reflect the things you’ll see on the site—and also the things I like to do, see and eat every day. It’s all here in case you feel like scouring through it all. Because if House of Cards and Serial have taught me anything, it’s that people love to binge on content.



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