Create a Kid-Height Snack Bar

Everyone knows that the nosh table is the hottest spot at any party.

n. A snack or light meal.
intr.v. (noshed, nosh·ing, nosh·es)
To eat a snack or light meal.

Well, OK. Maybe it’s the bar. But if your party attendees aren’t the drinking type (you know, ’cause they’re toddlers) it’ll definitely be the snack table.

And if your hungry little noshers also happen to be 3½ feet tall (you know, the toddler thing again), this ottoman-turned-snack bar is the perfect detail for your kid’s next party.

It’s from this Magical Unicorn Birthday Extravaganza at Hostess with the Mostess, and it couldn’t be more simple: Glue long ribbons (in a criss-cross) to one side of a poster board, and glue paper or Styrofoam bowls to the other side. Set the board down (bowl-side up) on an ottoman and tie the ribbons around to secure.

Bingo! The toddlers get free reign of the snack table and you get peace-of-mind knowing that the bowls won’t tip straight on to the carpet.

The idea came from Carly of Carly Taylor Photography, the party hostess and someone who also happens to be the mother to the unicorn birthday girl. Brilliant!

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