My Favorite New Pieces for Entertaining

You know how some people like to buy new clothes when they’ve got a party or big event coming up? That’s me, but with serving dishes. Whenever we invite people over for a big get-together, I have a really predictable M.O.: Plan. Browse. Buy. Throw party.

Step one is planning out my menu. Step two is making sure I have all the pieces I need to lay everything out for the spread. And when I don’t (or event sometimes when I do), step three is shopping for new entertaining supplies. It’s a problem. An addiction, even. And like many addicts, I love bringing people down with me. 

So here are the entertaining essentials I have bought recently, am looking to buy or I already own (and just think they’re awesome). Some are new to shelves, and some are just new to me. News flash: They’re all from one store. It’s my go-to when I’m looking for a little something new to lay out on the dining room table. 

(In the interest of full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post. Crate and Barrel is truly one of my favorite home stores, and has been for a long time. It was the first place we registered for our wedding, and the only place I’m not allowed to go on pay day.)

Affordable Entertaining Essentials from Crate & Barrel


ONE  Sake Bottle, $12.95, and Sake Cup, $2.95

TWO  Moscow Mule Mug, $19.95

THREE  Rigsby Marble 2-Tier Server, $59.95

FOUR  Preston Chip and Dip, $49.95

FIVE  J.K. Adams Heritage Serving Board, $99.95

SIX  Bloody Mary Pick, $3.95

SEVEN  Wine Bottle and Glass Caddy, $99.95


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