Greetings from Michigan (and Instagram)

I’m spending time in my husband’s hometown of Brighton, Michigan, this weekend for our niece’s 15th birthday. The weather is beautiful—in the low 70’s—and we’re spending our days catching up with family and eating. So much eating. Brighton is home to, quite possibly, the best breadsticks in the world. Wait, not “possibly.” Definitely.

The first time my husband brought me to his hometown when we were first dating, our first stop off the plane wasn’t home to meet his family for the first time. We went straight to Gus’s Carryout for a full bag of breadsticks. they’re that good. Even now, six years later, it’s still our first stop when we get to Michigan.

I posted the photo above to Instagram yesterday, along with this snap below of my first #koozieoftheweekend. I’ve been collecting beer koozies since college. It’s a really fun collection for two reasons: We always have plenty to offer guests, and I find they’re quite the conversation starter. People love to ask about where they came from and the stories behind them. So I’m sharing my collection online through an Instagram series, one weekend at a time.


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Kicking the series off with a bang, here’s a souvenir from a girls’ weekend trip to Outer Banks, NC. On the way out of town, we stopped for gas at a seedy (but surprisingly popular) little truck stop. The store was divided into three distinct zones: A lunch counter (with a really long line) serving up delicious-looking Southern grub, an adult section with racks and racks of black-wrapped magazines and DVDs, and the third section: Full of Biscuits n’ Porn merchandise. Brilliant marketing, don’t you think? We only patronized that last section, bringing home a handul of koozies.

If you want to keep up with my travels or with the Koozie of the Weekend series, follow me on Instagram: @tarynwilliford. Have a great weekend!

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