Out of Town Bags: Atlanta

Maybe it’s because I love to travel. Or maybe it’s because I love to shop when I travel. Or maybe it’s because when I travel, I love to buy/eat/see as many local favorites as possible.

Whatever it is, I love daydreaming about what goodies I’d put in an out-of-town bag if I got married in Atlanta. Or Miami. Or Michigan. I love the idea of sharing my hometown (or adopted hometown) favorites with everyone I love.

So here it is: My daydreaming on paper. I’m going to do a series of city-, state- or regionally-themed out-of-town bags.

The first? Why, Atlanta of course.

1. Small Georgia Tote Bag, SpreadShirt.com | 2. Hi Y’All Peach Georgia Magnet, Amazon.com | 3. Streetwise Atlanta Map, StreetwiseMaps.com | 4. Peach-Flavored Candied Pecans, Priesters.com | 5. Vintage Glass Coke Bottles, DrSoda.com | 6. Bottled Water with Custom Label (Want this design? Contact us!) | 7. Fresh Peaches


If you want to see our welcome-bag picks for your city, just send us an email!

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