Design-Forward Finds for People Who Happen to Smoke Pot, from the Editors of Broccoli Magazine

When I found out that an editor alumna from Kinfolk was sticking out to launch a cannabis-centric magazine with an elevated, feminine aesthetic, I knew it was the perfect news peg. I spoke with two editors at Broccoli magazine to tell the publication’s story and bring our design-minded readers some solid shopping finds. Because if you’re going to have paraphernalia out on your coffee table, it needs to look good.

It’s an unconventional title to see on the proverbial newsstand, even now. Pot magazines of the past have always been unrefined (and maybe black-lit with a graphic homage to the Phish aesthetic). But Broccoli is something elevated. It looks more like Kinfolk than High Times — not surprising when you realize that a chunk of Broccoli’s masthead came straight from Kinfolk, including former Kinfolk creative director and now Broccoli editor-in-chief Anja Charbonneau.

Images courtesy Broccoli magazine & Tetra