How to Make 5 Different DIY Cleaners at Home

I don’t need to peek into your pantry to know you already have everything you need to whip up some powerful cleaning solutions that you can use all over your home. I developed and tested these five cleaning recipes for a series of social-first videos.

created for Apartment Therapy

How to Make Air-Freshening Room Spray

Mix water, vodka and essential oils for a quick room refresher.


How to Make a Quick Fridge De-Gunker

You don’t need a specialty cleaner for fridge grime. Try this mix of hot water, vinegar and dish soap.


How to Make a Dust-Magnet Surface Spray

Arm yourself with this blend of water, olive oil and castle soap to make dusting every surface a breeze.


How to Make Toilet-Freshening Fizz Bombs

Drop one of these into the bowl every few flushes to keep things cleaner for longer. All you need is baking soda, citric acid (you can buy it on Amazon!), dish soap and an ice cube tray.


How to Make Scum-Busting Shower Spray

When you step out of the shower, spray this mix of water, vinegar and essential oils on the tile to keep grime away.


Video Producers: Anne Ebeling, Anita Chomenko & Vixon John