How Well-Designed Homes Support Healthy and Satisfying Sex Lives

After two millennial-minded sex essentials companies each dipped their toes into the home decor category, I wrote and researched this deep dive into how the design of our home spaces affects our sex lives.

Because sex is something so private and personal, we tend to not give it the consideration that we proffer to other areas of our lives and our homes. Many people understand that, in the case of a home office, if your chair isn’t comfortable, or the screen is too bright, you’re not going to feel good about working. Or if you’re trying to eat better, you might put your healthy snacks on the counter, or make sure your fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies. We understand, on some level, that it’s possible to design a home that supports your personal priorities and goals. So what does a home built for a healthy and satisfying sex life look like?

Illustration: Kath Nash