The Cure, in Partnership with Libman

The Cure is a tried and true concept at Apartment Therapy (we’ve been doing it in one way or another for more than a decade), but I took ownership four years ago, growing the one January Cure program into a suite of reader-first service tentpoles that happen several times a year.

Because of the strength of this new suite of offerings, in 2020 and 2021 Apartment Therapy partnered with cleaning company Libman to sponsor four different Cure programs, securing Apartment Therapy’s single-largest sale to date. In addition to creating all of the editorial for these programs, both branded and unbranded, I managed aspects of the scope, budget, and timeline between editorial, creative studio, and the client-side Libman teams. 


created for Apartment Therapy

The Decluttering Cure

Daily assignments designed to get you a little closer to the lighter, leaner home of your tidiest dreams—with plenty of motivation and smart tips along the way. 


The Holiday Cure

We want to help make this season bright. Through 20 daily assignments, we’re going to do some cleaning and decluttering, a bit of holiday prep, and a bit of good old festive fun.


The January Cure

Our favorite tradition is all about loving on your home and preparing yourself and your space for the new year. We’ll do a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of organizing, get some home projects planned for the year ahead, and mostly just spend time together showing our homes some love so they can love us back.


The Spring Cleaning Cure

This is the year to get your Spring Cleaning done right. You have the time, the knowledge, and the motivation to give your home the deepest clean of its life. Not that it has to be hard — and that’s where Apartment Therapy comes in.


Produced in partnership with Homemade Studios.