Pretzel Necklaces

A couple of weeks ago, I spent my weekend imbibing in The Great Atlanta Beer Fest at Turner Field. For a few hours on Saturday, the Atlanta Braves’ home field turns into a drinkin’, jammin’ and beer slammin’ beer festival. I had a great time, and of course Instagrammed the whole thing.

A few of you spotted one of my Instagram photos in particular: My pretzel necklace. I got a few comments saying what a great idea it was; that’s funny to me, because I thought everybody knew about the genius that is pretzel necklaces!I didn’t invent this concept, but as a beer gal who loves beer tastings, beer festivals and touring breweries, I’ve seen it many times before.

Basically, you grab some string or baker’s twine and string up a bunch of pretzels before trying it at the ends and hanging it from your neck. Throughout the day, whenever you get a hunger pang or you just want to clear your palette between tastings, just reach down and bite off a pretzel. It’s like a grown-up candy necklace!

These are great for beer festivals and brewery tours, but they would also be a great feature at your next tailgate party or at a beer-tasting-themed fete. There’s a million ways to string them up, so get creative!


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