Cruising in the Weekend Rally

Thanks to the power of scheduled posts, right now I should be on a cruise to the Bahamas, ready to watch my friends get married on the beach. But I still wanted to wrap-up my short work week with a look at the best stuff on the web.

Stuff I did when I wasn’t here:

Yeah, I write about my iPhone a lot.

And now for some of my favorite stuff on the web:

Best of Food: Baked Apple Doughnuts

Apples and caramel, with no deep fryer involved. What more can a girl ask for?


Best of Parties: Lawn Games

What a perfect way to enjoy the fall!


Best of DIY: IKEA POANG Chair Recover

I love when people take overdone IKEA furniture and make it unique.


Best of Style: Neon Accent Wall

I love this unexpected pop of color in an otherwise calm and breezy home.


Best of Travel: Brew with a View; Murren, Switzerland

I think having a frosty beer at a table overlooking the Swiss Alps would be the highlight of my life.

(Top image: Daniele Muscetta/Flickr)

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