Fantasy Oscars Draft Game

What’s your favorite season? Spring? Fall?

Nope. My favorite season is Award Show season. Not even Pumpkin Spice lattes make me smile like the Grammys, Emmys and Oscars do. That’s because I’ve found a way to make award shows into an interactive sport.

Looking for the 2016 edition?
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Have you heard of Fantasy Football? Well this is Fantasy Oscars. Only instead of drafting football players, you’re drafting movies, actors and directors to your “fantasy team.” As each film or person wins awards or is shown on screen, you’ll earn points. And whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins bragging rights (or something even better—all of that is up to you).

Start out by printing out this free printable set of cards. There’s 10 pages total, but you can use just the actors or just the movies, depending on the size of your Oscar party viewing audience. These cards fit perfectly on to Avery’s tear-apart business card sheets (which you can buy at any office supply store), but you can just cut them apart as well.

And here’s a tip: Print these cards onto the back side of scrapbook paper sheets so that the back of your cards have a cute pattern that matches your party. I wish you could see my yellow glitter paper better in these photos.

There’s a full set of rules included in the printable, but the game is really easy to play, and very customizable. You can add “house rules” to your game, like awarding points if someone isn’t there or if they read a speech from paper. It’s tons of fun and a great way to get all types of people into watching the Academy Awards.

Ready to play? Just download the PDF printable below:

>> Fantasy Oscars Draft Cards


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