Leather Crush: Hard Graft

There’s something so very timeless about a great leather bag. I recently came across Hard Graft, a leather accessory company from London with some seriously stunning designs for everything from headphone cases to weekend duffels. And basically, I’m putting everything in their catalog on my wish list. 

This post is partly here to introduce you to a company I spotted and thought you’d like—gotta love the manifesto: “We are dreamers who believe in the great”—and partly here as a shopping list for me. Not, like, a real shopping list, but more like… one day. Far far away. Timeless leather gear ain’t cheap, people.

If you’re ready to dream and drool with me, read on…


Hard Graft Hold Handle Leather Camera Strap

Hold Camera Handle, £49 ($75)


Hard Graft Leather iPad Air Tilt Case & Stand

iPad Air Tilt Case & Stand, £95 ($147)


Hard Graft Leather iPhone Wallet

iPhone Fold Wallet, £75 ($116)


Hard Graft Leather Passport Wallet

Inbound Passport Wallet, £119 ($184)


Hard Graft Leather Key Belt Keychain

Key Belt, £30 ($46)


Hard Graft Leather Trip Case & Notebook

Trip Case & Notebook, £129 ($199)

I love this little leather case that slides right on to the cover of a notebook.


Hard Graft Leather Ad-Lib Folio Case

Ad-Lib Folio, £249 ($385)


Hard Graft Peak Leather Headphone Case & Stand in One

Peak Headphone Case & Stand, £129 ($199)

A headphone case with enough heft to be a stand when you need it.


Hard Graft Leather Back2Back Laptop Bag - It's a backpack, laptop clutch and shoulder bag in one.

Back2Back Laptop Bag, £495 ($767)

It’s a backpack, shoulder bag and laptop clutch in one!


Hard Graft 1st Edition Leather Travel Hold-All Bag

1st Edition Travel Bag, £695 ($1077)

Drool. (Also pictured at top.)

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