It’s time I get honest with you: I don’t like carving pumpkins. I love picking out pumpkins. And I love roasting up a pan of pumpkin seeds and eating pumpkin-flavored sweets. But that whole part in between where you have to wade through pounds of pumpkin goop and struggle with a knife trying to stick to a pattern that you know full well isn’t going to turn out the way you want it to? Yeah I hate that stuff. So this year, I decided to change up my Halloween decor with a different “gourd” idea: Painted pumpkins. In lieu of carving up a Jack O’Lantern for my stoop, I put down the knife and reached for a paintbrush. These colorful, modern and whimsical pumpkins are less of a mess to craft and harder to mess up.

Don't you love it when projects are so simple? Stop fumbling with plastic spoons trying to triple-dip stripes onto your Easter egg. You can get the same colorful pattern, in a convenient 2-dimensional form, without any dye stains thanks to this paint chip Easter egg garland. The idea came from Modern Parents Messy Kids. All you really need to do is buddy up to the paint guy at your local home store and grab a punch of paint chips. Go rainbow, go monochrome. Whatever! You could even extend this to a birthday party or any other occasion by cutting out different shapes from your paint swatches. Color-coordinating party decorations has never been easier. Ready to get started? Grab your chips and some craft supplies and let's get going. (Oh, you'll also want to print out our free Egg Garland Template, below)