Styling the Threshold Bar Cart

Threshold Bar Cart from Target

After looking fruitlessly for an affordable bar cart, I finally found the perfect piece on a routine stop at Target. This Threshold Wood and Brass Bar Cart is just the right size for our living room, and was just the right price—$130!—for us to bring it home right away. (I think we were there to spend $20 on hand soap and socks.)

Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta

With all the tools, cute accessories (like a gold-edged glass from the brewery where we’re getting married later this year), and you know… bottles that need to fit on our bar station, I needed some help. Here are a few posts that have helped me figure out how to style the gear on our new bar cart:

It’s not exactly where we want it yet. I keep moving things around on the cart every time we host a party trying to figure out the best way to display all the necessary tools and pieces (and at least some of the pretty things).

Styling a Bar Cart

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