I'm the anti-Goldilocks when it comes to jewelery. If I'm going to rock a necklace or earrings, they've either got to be really small and dainty or really, really big. Like, huge. I still haven't found a cocktail ring big enough. If you love big jewelery like me (and I suspect you do), you're probably a fan of over-sized pearls. And if you're a fan of over-sized pearls (which I suspect you are), you've probably already fallen in love with these necklaces. Only, those aren't pink pearls. They're gumballs! I spotted these over at One Charming Party. They're perfect for Valentine's Day, and the perfect V-day gift for your daughters or girlfriends. They're creative, cheap and impossible to mess up. So let's get started.

Yet another tutorial from The Nightmare Before Christmas Dessert Bar coming your way! This time, we're making cupcakes to honor the unofficial mascot of Halloween-at-Christmas celebrations, Jack Skellington. He's the wiley, undead skelleton at the heart of the movie. And he has a big, round head that's perfect for us to re-create in fondant medallion cupcake toppers. What do you need? Some white fondant (you could make it, or just buy it like I did), a circle cookie cutter (about the size of a cupcake) and a black edible ink pen.