The number one selling movie soundtrack of the past decade? Well, that was Frozen. (You can't escape "Let it Go." But the number two soundtrack? The retro-cool Awesome Mix Vol. 1, from Guardians of the Galaxy. Nobody is happier than me to

Y'all, I am tired. I wanted to come back from my trip to Chicago with lots of great stories and tons of pictures. Instead, all I have is a collection of blisters, a few pairs of shorts caked with mud (I need to get on the laundry, I know) and a dozen or so snapshots from my Instagram account ( @formalfringe, follow me there and on Twitter!). Still, my trip to the Lollapalooza music festival was an absolute blast! There was great food, great sights and way too many amazing bands. My favorites were Delta Spirit, White Rabbits, FUN. and Jack White (you might know him as one half of The White Stripes). If you like live music and you ever get the chance, go. Until then, live vicariously through my terrible (sorry!) iPhone photos.