How to Decorate Cute Cupcakes with Terrible Grocery Icing Bags

I truly believe it’s the tools that make the (wo)man. Case in point, these cupcakes. When I’m at home, with a full arsenal of piping bags and tips, I’m a wicked cupcake frosting machine. But when I’m 600 miles from my kitchen, and the only thing available for frosting spur-of-the-moment Independence Day cupcakes is store-bought decorating icing and plastic piping tips… well, they’re not my best work.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s my recommendation for crafting cute cupcakes: Stick to minimalistic designs that have organic shapes. You won’t be able to make a straight line, so don’t kid yourself.

I love these little rosettes. They’re perfect for the 4th—they remind me of those ruffled patriotic banners—and really easy to create with the rose petal decorating tip (that’s the one that has a teardrop-shaped opening).

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