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Summer is a laid back time of year. Your summertime social calendar isn’t all planned in advance, like it is around the holidays. People just throw parties together on a whim. Friends drop in unexpectedly—which is both a tremendous joy and also a bit of a headache, if you’re not prepared to host at a moment’s notice.

In the wise, wise words of LFO, “Summer girls come and summer girls go.” So astute.

So my list of summer essentials is all about being prepared for accidental parties. Bookmark this post, share it with friends and be the girl that’s ready for anything.

A Great Cocktail Recipe

My favorite summer cocktail recipes are the ones I can memorize. Fewer ingredients and fewer directions mean you can get back to the party even sooner. You know… a cup of this, a squeeze of that. May I make a few suggestions?

Low-Calorie Skinny Cucumber Vodka Cocktail
A Sturdy Pitcher and Glasses

I would recommend some sets I like here, but really: This is a place to be imperfect. You don’t want anything precious or super breakable, so the best wares for summer entertaining are going to be the ones you already have. (I’m using this set all summer.)

A Cute Coverup that Actually Covers Up

Because sometimes when people drop in to use your pool, you haven’t had time to shave. I’m loving lightweight maxi dresses and comfy cotton pants. Here are a few picks:

A Great Playlist

I shared my summer Spotify playlist right here the other day. All that matters is that it’s upbeat, crowd-pleasing and long enough to play along a lazy afternoon.


Some Fresh & Frozen Snacks

As a recovering perfectionist I have to remind myself, “You don’t need to be Martha all the time.” So I’ve been trying to keep low-maintenance, store-bought nosh stocked in the fridge lately. I like having a pre-fab tray of crudités packed up for a random get-together. And here’s another helpful tip: Frozen mozzarella sticks are just as delicious as anything you slaved over the stove to make.


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